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February 2000
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(Masquerade Books Inc, May 1999; ISBN: 158419006X)


Book Description: A finely crafted collection of stories by the founder of the groundbreaking San Francisco zine, Frighten the Horse. A moving exploration of bisexuality, the “meaning” of penetration and anal play for heterosexual men, and the possibility of finding love and transcendence through open relationships. The author is already well-known regionally and in sex-radical circles, but the quality of his prose lends this collection significant “literary” crossover potential.

“This is a witty, literary and very dirty collection.” –WIRED Magazine.

Too Beautiful is available at  &  The Erotic Book Society



About the Author:  Mark Pritchard was raised in southern Illinois and then in Texas, where he went to high school and college.

After moving to San Francisco, he did contact improvisation and performance art during the ’80s, and became a high school teacher. During a stint teaching English in northern Japan in 1986-87, he started writing the stories that appear in “Too Beautiful.”

After returning to San Francisco he founded Frighten the Horses magazine, where some of these pieces were first published, and resumed performing at spaces around the city. Following in the footsteps of many other San Francisco writers of erotica, he served as a phone volunteer with San Francisco Sex Information. He was part of Queer Nation and the Street Patrol in the early ’90s.

He lives in Bernal Heights, San Francisco, and is presently working on a straight novel about the Rat Pack. He can be contacted at

Collector’s copies of Frighten the Horses, as well as Pritchard’s porn novella “Prom,” are available at the Erotic Book Society website,



Mark Pritchard is a master. He and his narrators control more than their tricks. They control the language and shape of the stories, laying bare the pathos of each character. This is a witty, literary, and very dirty collection.
Martha Baer,   author of “As Francesca” (Broadway Books,1997)
(former) managing editor, Wired magazine

At last! Mark Pritchard’s hard-edged and utterly smart fiction appears between the covers of “Too Beautiful.” Pritchard’s writing is smooth, his insights merciless, the sex portrayed deftly. This is a  delicious package of mean, tasty stuff. Start this  book when you’ve got a whole day to get lost in it.
Pat Califia
author of “Macho Sluts” and other books

Too Beautiful is available at The Erotic Book Society  &

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