Houston Chronicle, 15 Oct 03

Man calmly tells police he killed his wife

`Very unemotional’ suspect doesn’t reveal his motive


Kyle Richard Fix looked every bit the military part. He carried himself in a dignified, official manner. He had the close-cropped haircut.

He even answered “affirmative” instead of saying “yes” when Harris County sheriff’s homicide investigators questioned him about his wife’s death.

Fix, 36, was charged Wednesday with murder after his 30-year-old wife, Dominique, was found shot in the back of the head in the master bathroom of the couple’s home in the 3300 block of Coldwater Canyon near Katy. There were no signs of a struggle.

The couple’s three children from previous relationships — ages 5, 6 and 7 — likely were in the house at the time of the shooting but may have been asleep, and it is “doubtful” they witnessed the violence that led to Dominique Fix’s death, said sheriff’s homicide Sgt. Mike Smith. Investigators believe the shooting happened late Tuesday, sometime after 10 p.m.

Fix drove the children to two different relatives’ homes in Clear Lake and Houston before approaching an officer south of downtown early Wednesday morning to report he’d just killed his wife, authorities said.

That steadiness did not waver as Fix was questioned by investigators.

“He was very direct and had a very military demeanor. He was professional and direct. He was very unemotional,” Smith said.

Fix implicated himself in the crime but did not offer a motive, Smith said. Investigators are exploring whether the couple’s financial problems were an issue.

“They had, I would say, a substantial amount of debt — at least that’s what we’re uncovering,” Smith said.

The couple had been married since January 2002, county clerk’s records show. Dominique Fix, originally from Haiti, was an administrative assistant at a local tax firm.

Kyle Fix had no prior criminal record that authorities could find. Former and current co-workers referred to him as a former Marine, and U.S. Marine Corps dress blues were found in his home, but the Marine Corps could not immediately confirm whether or when he was in the service.

“Everybody here feels like the guy was all-American,” said John Stephens, the sales manager of new cars at Mac Haik Chevrolet, where Fix once worked. “He was military to the core and loved his country — he was Mr. Military all the way. … Even when there was a battle going on or some kind of uprising, he would say the U.S. has the upper hand.”

Fix also had a warm, personable side, said those who knew him as a Transportation Security Administration supervisory screener at Bush Intercontinental Airport, where he had been working for more than a year.

“He was well-liked by his subordinates and superiors alike, and he did his job well … but yet he did it with compassion,” said Jim Marchand, federal security director for Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Fix approached a Houston police officer working a traffic accident on Main Street near Elgin at 12:45 a.m. Wednesday, asking for directions to the nearest police station. He gave a vague explanation about something being wrong at his home, police said.

Authorities said Fix admitted he had just killed his wife and told the officer he could find an automatic pistol in his car. Fix was promptly arrested and handcuffed.

Deputies later found Fix’s wife’s body in the couple’s two-story brick home in the upper-middle-class Bridgewater subdivision.

Therese Monice, the slain woman’s aunt, is keeping her niece’s children.

“She was a good lady, good mother. I’m not happy,” Monice said.

Halloween decorations were still on display at the couple’s home later Wednesday, but there was no indication of the violence there hours earlier. The crime scene tape was gone, and the door to their back yard stood open. Curiosity seekers periodically cruised by, slowing down to catch a glimpse.

Neighbors said they heard no gunshots and were unaware of any problems between Fix and his wife, adding that they seemed to get along well. Neighbors who dined with the couple Friday told investigators all appeared to be well that night. They declined to comment Wednesday.

“They were both very nice people, seemed very caring for each other,” said Tyrone Collier, who lives across the street. “This weekend they were putting up the decorations. It seems really weird that this would happen.”

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