Dear Prudence (aka Mango Rain)

a novel

I’m querying agents for my novel MANGO RAIN (which has had other titles including “Bangalored” and “Dear Prudence” and even more we won’t go into).

You can read the opening of the book (newly posted) and a chapter from the middle of the book. Plus, plus!! I am posting 15 pages of stuff I think is really funny but which I cut from the first 50 pages of the book because otherwise it takes her too long to get to Bangalore. But it’s funny. Enjoy.

You can also read blog entries I made in April 2007 during a trip to Bangalore to research the book, and an interview with me by a local blogger about my book and my trip.

Finally, you can read a blog kept by Stella, the main character in the book. Instead of blogging as herself, she blogs as an imaginary character, Starryshine, an American rich girl with substance abuse problems. The blog was written by Shannon O’Leary from 2005 to 2007.

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