LitCrawl, 2014. Photo by Chris Tai.

Reading at San Francisco LitCrawl, 2014. Photo by Chris Tai

Novels, Stories, and Online Writing

Articles and Essays

  • A review of The Book Against God by James Wood.
  • My time at Holden Village
    Six weeks on a writing retreat while I worked to finish my novel Make Nice.
  • A review of Spike Lee’s film The 25th Hour.
  • Thomas Merton’s Ambivalent War Novel
    An essay on My Argument with the Gestapo, the only novel published by famous 20th century poet, theologian and diarist Thomas Merton. Includes links to Merton’s books and Merton sites.
  • SF Gate, 22 Mar 2001: The World’s Biggest Online Sex Party
    One article for SF Gate, the website of the SF Chronicle
    (There were going to be more articles, but I started a new day job around then and never got to them.) 
  • Another Fucking Beautiful Day
    A bunch of columns from 1997-99 for a website, now defunct, called Other Rooms. There’s a lot of content here.
  • Essay: “Juliette” by the Marquis de Sade
    Adults only! Also for Other Rooms, I wrote this essay on one of my favorite pieces of pornography. Because the essay quotes liberally from the book, adults only should access that essay.
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian
    I wrote an article on the sexual revolution for them for their Valentine’s issue, maybe in 1991 or 1992. Their website no longer posts articles that old, so I can’t link to it.
  • Frighten the Horses
    A regular column as the editor-publisher of FTH from 1990-94, in addition to publishing some of my sex stories there.
  • Essay: “Liberating Pornography”
    in Bisexual Politics, a nonfiction anthology published in 1995 and reviewed here.

My writing career began when I was a movie reviewer and entertainment writer, for:

  • the East Bay Express, an alt. weekly in Berkeley, Calif., in 1979
  • the Austin Sun, a now defunct alt.weekly in Austin, Texas, in 1977-79
  • the Daily Texan at the Univ. of Texas, from 1976-78.

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Current Projects

I’m querying agents about my novel about the American girl who goes to Bangalore — a book now titled Mango Rain.  I’m working on a new novel titled Knock Yourself Out about a man who becomes unstuck in American society, loses his software company job, and winds up in a the desert with a bunch of survivalist types.

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