1959 — 3 years old
Standing in front of our house inside the Shell Oil refinery in Roxana, Ill.


1960 — 4 years old
Written on the back of the photo is the date 4-1-60. Nice coat, isn’t it?

1964 — 9 years old
School picture. Not a good year for me.
1968 — 12 years old
If not for the date written on the back of the picture, I might have guessed this to be from 1965 or 66. Despite all the bullying and tsuris in my life at that point — not to mention being 12 years old — I look incredibly sweet and naive.

1971 — 15 years old
I’m third from left, sitting around a campfire with church youth leaders

1971 again
This captures my self-image at the time as a nutty prankster. Perhaps I had recently discovered the National Lampoon and the Firesign Theatre.
1974 — 18 years old
This page from my high school yearbook shows I won the “Best Student — Drama Dept.” award. Over my picture, a classmate has written: “I will never forget you because you certainly know how to flatter a girl.”

1976 — 20 years old
Performing at the Student Union, June 1976. Note the John Denver-ish center hair part.

Later in 1976
After driving all day across Texas, we took showers at a public swimming pool in a small town.

1977 — 21 years old
Austin, with the University Lutheran Center in the background.

Mark Pritchard, 1978 1978 — 22 years old
At the July 4 concert on the Austin waterfront. A couple days before, I had cut my hand at work. NB: I was not a Jouney fan, but got this t-shirt for free.

1980 — 24 years old
Duboce Park in San Francisco on a foggy Sunday


1981 — 25 years old
In Canadian mountains. Damn — same shirt!


1984 — 28 years old
Performing at Earl’s Solano Club in Albany, Calif.


1986 — 30 years old
Pictured with my collaborators (clockwise from front left) Christine Carraher, Paula Sugarman, and Jody Suden. Photo by Cris Gutierrez.

Mark Pritchard, 1987  

1987 — 31 years old
First of several pictures taken in Japan. Early evening in August.


more 1987
Later that year. Reading the Japan Times in our apartment

more 1987
At the office of the English school where Cris and I taught, banging away at the electric typewriter. Since I’m dressed for teaching, I was probably working on a lesson. Upon closer inspection, I see I’m wearing jeans, so it must have been the weekend and I was working on my novel — that pile of paper next to me on the desk.

more 1987
Cris and I at a restaurant. She’s holding Pocky.

1990 — 34 years old
More than a year after returning from Japan, taken on our back deck at our Folsom St. apartment.
1992 — 36 years old
Atop Mount Tamalpais just north of San Francisco, with Ellen Twiname, my buddy from the Street Patrol.
Mark Pritchard, 1993 1993 — 37 years old
This was the year I started getting facial piercings and fucking around with my hair.
1995 — 39 years old
In Hawaii
1996 — 40 years old
40th birthday hike on Coyote Ridge in the Marin Headlands, with Cris.
more 1996
I really liked that red mohawk.
more 1996
At a party with Stephanie

1997 — 41 years old
Blue the next year. This was my favorite color ever.


1999 — 43 years old
My hat is holding the strawberries from our garden. It must have been the weekend and I skipped shaving.

Mark Pritchard, 2001  

2001 — 45 years old
Finally, I became a corporate manager. No more piercings either.

Mark Pritchard, 2007 2007 — 51 years old
Self-portrait taken on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the kitchen.

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