Too Beautiful and Other Stories
by Mark Pritchard

$14.95 Trade paper

San Francisco: Cleis Press
202 pages
6 x 9
ISBN: 1-57344-138-4

Too Beautiful and Other Stories is the second edition of my first book, originally published in 1999 by Masquerade Press. It includes three new stories, as indicated by this color in the list of contents:


Too Beautiful
Caller Number One
Daddy’s Play Party
Booth Girl

Kill Me with Your Kiss

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About the book

The new edition of “Too Beautiful” contains all the stories from the 1999 edition plus three new stories (see the Table of Contents above), making the book about one-third longer. There’s also a new afterword.

“This staff favorite is back and includes a fresh crop of new stories that are as compelling and arousing as their counterparts. We love how the characters reflect the familiar people in our lives, and the stories portray the beauty, humor, angst and lust of alternative sexual lifestyles. The narration shifts sexual preference and gender, giving the reader a first-person view between the legs of dropout teens, uppity gay men, wanna-be prostitutes and more.”
Good Vibrations

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